Quality is the most important ingredient in everything we do. 

Our new, state of the art, BRC & SQF level II certified production facilities ensure that all our coffee, tea, and cocoa products exceed industry standards by utilizing third party audit systems. Our methodical best practices & quality control processes demand quality assurance goals that meet or exceed the industry standards. 

Every batch of Two Rivers Coffee product is made with an uncompromising commitment to quality and so we know we are delivering the best cup possible to our customers


It all starts with the best coffee beans. 

For all of our coffees, we use only 100% arabica coffee beans and we select premium grade, organic coffee beans from around the world. When it comes to coffee, there are two types: Arabica coffee, and Robusta coffee. It is generally known within the coffee industry that arabica beans are higher quality than robusta beans. This is because of the exacting way arabica needs to be grown and processed, as well as the variety of flavor notes they produce. How and where coffee beans are grown and processed plays a big role in the quality and taste. This is why specialty, high end roasters use Arabica beans whereas robusta might be used in instant coffee or mixed with arabica and used in lower end ground coffee blends. 

For every coffee, we create a custom roast profile that is designed to bring out the most distinction in the beans flavor notes. All our Abrabica coffees exceed specialty-grade standards. The best craft coffees start with specialty grade coffee beans. Specialty coffee must register at 80 points or higher on a standardized 100-point scale. All Two rivers coffee rank in the top 85th percentile. 


Sustaining our commitment to sustainability

Since our inception, we've taken active measures to only buy sustainable coffees by vetting the farms and coffee milling companies that we work with. We believe that sustainability and quality go hand in hand, and steadfastly only purchase and produce coffees that reinforce this concept.

There is a level of attention that Two Rivers Coffee devotes to our coffee products that many other roasters don't, such as visiting the coffee farms we work with to meet the farmers and their families. Speaking with the farmers and pickers gives us an appreciation for the love and care that goes into each crop as well as extra insight and guidance for each type of bean we roast. The coffee farms we've partnered with and support are committed to conserving natural resources and providing a reliable quality of life for those who pick and process the coffee.

Most roasters wouldn't look to spend more on their beans but we pay premium prices for our coffee beans so that we can adhere to our commitment in making sure the coffee in your cup comes from a fair and renewable sources. Sustainable practices on the farm level help make this a reality, for both financial and agricultural stability.


Two Rivers Coffee is committed to environmentally friendly business.

As manufacturers, we believe that we have a responsibility to make eco-friendly decisions for our production lines. In Dec of 2019, Two Rivers Coffee refit its production machinery to accommodate a full transition to polypropylene #5 cups. Two Rivers Coffee currently only produces 100% recyclable cups across all of its brands.

Our Two Rivers products are non-GMO and manufactured in our allergen isolated facilities. In addition to being recyclable all of our pods are BPA Free. All of our carton packaging and shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled materials.