Enjoy a delicious pecan pie and coffee pairing with TRC’s Pecan Pic Coffee Pods

      Pecan pies have a nutty and buttery taste. Its crispy and flavorful undertones come together in coffee to create an ultimate combination. Those who wish to indulge in a coffee pie breakfast combo without heavy calories can try the pecan pie coffee pods from Two Rivers Coffee. These richly flavored coffee pods use high-quality Arabica beans that are roasted with perfection to offer the rich aroma and toasty flavor of the pecans. 

      Explore the pecan pie-flavored coffee pods at TRC

      Two Rivers Coffee presents pecan pie-flavored coffee pods reminiscent of freshly toasted pies and hot cups of coffee. TRC's pecan pie coffee pods from Slice are a light roast coffee with a bright and nutty aroma. The coffee pods use caramelized pecans for you to devour this pie-inspired coffee flavor. These caramel pecan coffee pods are perfect to start your day. TRC also offers butter pecan pods with buttery, warm, and nutty undertones. These lightly roasted pecan coffee pods have the ultimate taste of sundae ice creams in pecan pie flavor. This sundae-inspired pecan coffee works perfectly as a dessert coffee.

      Pie and coffee now come together in TRC’s flavored coffee pods 

      TRC’s pecan pie coffee pods have the richness of coffee and are your favorite baked treat. They help you relish the flavorful combo without indulging in artificial sweeteners or additional calories. This iconic combination is perfect for breakfast or after-dinner dessert coffee.

      Pecan pie and coffee combo at your doorstep with TRC!

      Two Rivers Coffee features an extensive range of flavored coffees like ice cream coffee pods, pie coffee pods, mint chocolate coffee pods, blueberry, cinnamon, chocolate, and more. Their pecan pie offering offers a nutty and sweet flavor with a richness of high-quality coffee delivered to your home fresh in flavored coffee pods.