Enjoy Maple Flavored Coffee with Two Rivers Coffee

Maple coffee pods are a perfect blend of the sweetness of maple syrup and the rich aroma and taste of coffee. Two Rivers Coffee offers this unique blend made from 100 percent Arabica coffee beans roasted per requirements. The maple-flavored coffee brew is available in coffee pods and ground coffee, offering zero hassle and a unique flavor combination.

Explore maple coffee flavor varieties at TRC

TRC offers two types of coffee from Brooklyn Bean Roastery. Their signature Maple Sleigh maple-flavored coffee is available in the form of ground coffee and coffee pods. The Maple Sleigh ground coffee undergoes roasting in small batches. This light roast coffee offers a bright brown sugar flavor note. The flavor combination leaves hints of a sweet, smooth, and creamy texture and consists of high-quality Arabica coffee beans. 

Brooklyn Bean Roaster also offers Maple Sleigh Decaf coffee pods for those who prefer decaf coffees. These are perfect for those caffeine-conscious individuals and ones who want to make quick coffee on busy days. Both coffee types have enticing aromas and bold flavors for a fresh start every morning.

Dessert coffee lovers can rejoice with Sundae Coffee’s Maple Walnut coffee pods. These flavored coffee pods offer a sensitive dessert experience with zero guilt. Devoid of sugar or artificial sweeteners, this zero calories coffee is perfect for those craving something sweet after dinner.

Satisfy your sweet craving with maple coffee pods

Flavored coffees offer an ultimately sweet and rich coffee experience right in your coffee mug. The maple coffee pod has a unique flavor- the light sweetness of maple syrup. One can enjoy these maple coffee pods as their evening coffee or after-dinner dessert coffee.

Maple coffee pods and ground coffee delivered fresh to your doorstep with TRC 

Two Rivers Coffee features extensive flavored coffees providing an ultimate coffee experience to everyone. The company utilizes high-quality Arabica beans and roasts them to perfection in its advanced facility. The result is fresh coffee pods or ground coffee that comes right to your doorstep with just a few clicks. Explore Two River Coffee’s coffee selections today!