About Two Rivers Coffee

Two Rivers Coffee Company Launched Its First Products In April Of 2012.

From our beginnings in the Brooklyn navel yard, Two Rivers Coffee’s product innovation rattled the coffee industry from the get go. Not only did we start getting noticed for our premium craft ground coffees, but when single-serve coffee pods were first emerging in the marketplace, we saw the value in the convenience and dived in.

 We are the little brand that could! We are a classified small business and were among the first family run coffee roasters to make a name for themselves in the coffee pods space. Our goal was to use our expertise to produce the best coffee pods on the market and have the widest selections available. And we did! - all while going up against some of the biggest k cup coffee pods manufacturers in the world. 

There is a level of attention that Two Rivers Coffee devotes to their products that many other roasters don’t, such as visiting the coffee farms they work with to meet and form relationships with the farmers and their families. Speaking with the farmers and pickers gave us an appreciation for the love and care that goes into each crop, as well as extra insight and guidance for each type of bean that is roasted in our state-of-the-art production facility. By perfecting our signature flavors using beans from different farms, we were able to achieve the optimal blends for all of our coffees.

Eventually we added teas and hot chocolate to our product family. When beginning with the new items, we kept our focus on innovation. Many of the teas we produce are not commonly found in pods, like darjeeling, oolong, and white teas and our line up of velvety hot chocolate flavors is unmatched.

As manufacturers, we believe in our responsibility to make eco-friendly decisions for all levels of production. In December of 2019, Two Rivers Coffee undertook the great expense of refitting all of the manufacturing machinery in the entire company to accommodate a full transition to recyclable pods. Two Rivers Coffee currently only produces 100% recyclable pods across all of its brands.

From ethically sourcing high quality beans, to developing full flavored roast profiles, to our focus on flavor innovation in hot cocoas & teas, Two Rivers Coffee’s talented staff oversees each product every step of the way to ensure quality in every cup of coffee. So go ahead and take a sip - you'll be glad you did.