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My New Coffee Pod Choice

I was a loyal fan to another brand for years. The packaging of these pods are what caught my attention but after reading some reviews, I thought I would try them. I love them! They've become my number 1 choice of coffee. Good price too.

5 Star Rating
Ana Cristina

Great variety!

Opening the box of this coffee is like Christmas morning! So many surprises inside. The surprise was that this was not your normal variety box with multiples of the same 4 or 5 flavors. In this 40 pack box I received 40 different flavors!

5 Star Rating

Preferred Over Other Brands Coffee Pods In Our Office

I'm responsible for stocking our company's snack bar and took a chance on theses due to their price. To give some variety to our 16+ employees, I bought some other coffees together with the Brooklyn Bean pods and the Brooklyn was the first to go. I am pleasantly surprised because these are half the price of the top brand K-cups and allow me to order twice as much coffee for our budget.

5 Star Rating

This coffee is a real treat!

I was visiting a friend out of town and she served me a cup of this delicious coffee. I was hooked!

5 Star Rating

Rich full flavor

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I have tried and hated the watered down versions of Kcup hot chocolate. This is rich in an 8 ounce serving and still great at 10. The flavors are a real treat. Never knew mint HC could be so seductive... The hot fudge tastes like the topping on a sundae. Try them all then send me the ones you do not like!!

5 Star Rating


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