Cocoa Pods

Cocoa Pods

Cocoa Pods Of the Finest Quality

Two Rivers Coffee is proud to offer a wide variety of high-quality, flavorful, globally-sourced cocoa varieties. As one of the leading cocoa pod manufacturers, we are in complete control of every aspect of the chocolate-making process. A continuous quest for innovation in cocoa and the production of cocoa pods continually inspires our love of chocolate. As part of the process of making cocoa pods, we have been working with a variety of fresh, innovative, and unique ingredients. To ensure the best quality and flavor, we work with farmers and suppliers dedicated to finding the highest quality beans and flavors on behalf of our company.  

Innovations with Cocoa Pods

Two Rivers Coffee has refined our formulations to achieve a richer, creamier taste to produce some of the best hot chocolate pods available. With our specialty hot cocoas, you will be able to satisfy your craving for silky smooth hot chocolate that is loaded with flavor. Two Rivers hot chocolate pods have real cocoa powder expertly blended with premium flavorings and other ingredients for a more intense flavor profile than most other hot cocoa pods for sale. Our unique approach to flavor creation and profile formulation adds characterizing flavors and fine-tunes specific taste attributes. Whether you are looking to sample delectable Van Der Laan Dutch hot chocolate pods, walk on the wild side with Campfire marshmallow hot chocolate and Mexican hot chocolate pods, or are looking for fan favorite Tootsie Roll hot chocolate pods or Junior Mints Hot Cocoa, we have those and much more. The Two Rivers customized blending & flavoring systems add complexity and dimension to all our signature hot chocolate taste profiles. 

Cocoa - Its Health Benefits

Besides being a tasty hot beverage served in a mug, cocoa has several uses and health benefits. A rich source of polyphenols, and flavanols, cocoa helps in reducing inflammation, improving cholesterol levels, and lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Additionally, due to its high antioxidant and magnesium content, this superfood continues to grow in popularity. Cocoa is a flavoring agent for beverages, and is derived from chocolate liquor, a paste made from cocoa beans. It might be fun to browse our selection of Hot Chocolate if you like hot drinks with a bit of extra kick. Our Charleston Chew Vanilla Hot Cocoa Pods and Charleston Chew Strawberry Hot Cocoa Pods are just two of the exciting combinations and varieties we offer.