What is Cold Brew Coffee & How to Make It!

Coffee is the most loved drink because of its refreshing taste. There are many ways to make coffee including hot coffee and cold brew coffee. You can even enhance the taste of your drink by using a specialty coffee like Balance Coffee. It makes the drink less bitter and more naturally sweet and refreshing.

In this article, we will discuss cold brew coffee. It's a perfect refreshing summer drink and has some health benefits too. If you do not know about cold brew coffee yet, this article is for you.

So let's start the discussion without any further ado!

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold-brew coffee is one of the most popular drinks of coffee lovers. But the price of cold-brew is can put some people off.

Why does cold brew tend to be pricey?

Well quality cold brew takes a long time to make as it goes through a very labour intensive process. This increases the cost somewhat as that time is priced into the drink.

However, the price doesn't stop true coffee lovers who absolutely love to drink coffee cold on a hot day.

You might be wondering?

What is so special about cold brew coffee that everyone loves it? The main reason is the taste. It's generally very rich in flavour and works really well with ice as it begins to slightly dilute. To maintain the best taste this chilled coffee is brewed in cold water instead of hot water.

But this is not enough. There is a lot more that you should know about this highly-loved summer coffee drink. In addition, we will also tell you how you can make cold brew coffee at home. So let's continue on shall we?

As we touched upon, cold-brew coffee takes time to be prepared. You have to spend at least 12 hours preparing the coffee.

All you need is to steep pre ground coffee in room temperature water. Make sure the coffee you use is pre ground to a medium-to-coarse setting. You'll need to allow coffee to soak water for 12 or more hours at a given rate. This is because cold brew takes time to extract coffee's caffeine, sugars, and oils.

Do not expose the coffee to heat. To drink the coffee, first filter it out and then enjoy. If you're making coffee at home then you need to be very prepared.