Variety Packs

Variety Packs

One pack for all coffee varieties is now available at Two Rivers Coffee

Most people prefer their usual roast and flavor variety of coffee in the morning, but few like to experiment with different flavor varieties. Two Rivers Coffee features coffee variety packs for those individuals who love to experiment.

Their Brooklyn Bean Roastery assorted variety pack coffee pods offer flavors like hazelnut, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, and other flavors. These packs also have dark to light roast options depending on one’s preference. 

In addition, they also offer an Ice cream flavor variety pack coffee pod by Friendly's. The company also provides a variety of coffee packs made from 100 percent original Arabica beans from brands like Slice Pie, Java Factory, and Sundae. They also have custom Two River Coffee coffee pods variety packs with different combinations. Along with coffee pods, the TRC also features Prospect Tea tea pods and Hot Cocoa variety packs.

Two Rivers Coffee guarantees high-quality coffee made from Arabica coffee beans. These beans undergo multiple processes to create the perfect flavor for all coffee lovers out there. Explore their product range today.

TRC’s variety packs also make a good holiday gifting choice

Coffee packs are a top gifting choice, especially during holidays. Since there is no specific season to enjoy this beverage, the coffee pod variety packs can work as a gifting choice for Easter as well as Christmas. Two River Coffee recognized this requirement and created a Holiday coffee pod variety pack. It consists of different flavors and brews from top coffee brands, creating a dream gift for every coffee lover. Two Rivers Coffee’s coffee pods variety pack sampler is curated for those who love to try out different coffee flavors before arriving at their favorite blend and brand.

Did you know?

Coffee pods were the creation of Eric Favre and his wife Anna-Maria, who challenged her husband to create the ultimate espresso.